Welcome to Guangdong Shunde MingShi Chairs Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shunde Mingshi Chairs Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first one to break the routine and use
the standing legs with strengthen design in public seating industry. And obtained several patents in the
field. It’s also the option of several world top 500 enterprises.
We have got certificate of China Environmental labeling which in line with the requirements of MEPC,
passed Chinese Environmental Mark Product Certification requires by China Quality Certification Center,
International Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001:2008,Environmental Management System
Certificate,  Certificate of Conformity of Occupational Health and Safety Management System
OHSAS18001:2007. Mingshi Chairs is the member of Guangzhou Furniture Association, Guangdong Motion
Picture Industry Association and China Film Distribution and Projection Association.
The factory is located in the furniture manufacturing center of the world---Shunde Longjiang Town. Bear on
State Road 325, adjacent to the Terminal Longshan of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou -Foshan Expressway. It takes only 30 minutes by car. Factory is surrounded by a large logistics center, the products can be motor transport or shipping to all over the country, Asia and some CIS countries,and spread all over Asia, Africa and Europe market. We have nice cooperation with numerous dealers and project builders. 

one-stop service

1557547325082010167.jpg We free provide our customer with Layout , design target place & Site , planning space Until they is satisfied.

1557547350456072541.jpg We free provide service about Optimize & contact Logistics Service , Don't let customers worry about shipping.

1557547325356041771.jpg We have professional team of seating installation and construction to ensure Construction quality.

1557547325443068435.jpg By means of our service ,client will simplify matters, reassurance and  save worry!

Three service standards:

1557547325082010167.jpg Warranty for 5 years , free replacement of main part & fitting.(except transport cost)  

1557547350456072541.jpg Free replacement of main part plastic & fabric in 3 years.(except transport cost)

1557547325356041771.jpg Free Replacement of small, lightweight auxiliary components.(except transport cost)

Four service commitments

1557552864497039351.jpg Telephone response in Three hours.

1557552889859004551.jpg Quality issues are resolved within 72 hours.

1557552864958066626.jpg Provide paid services for products that are not committed by our company and products beyond the scope of warranty. (an appropriate charge for a product)

1557552865012037925.jpg After solving the quality problem by the maintenance staff of the famous chair industry, you can investigate the customer satisfaction.

The return to the table will be used to evaluate the service of the famous chair industry. The chair industry will seriously examine your satisfaction.

The assessment serves as a reference for further improving service quality.

At home and abroad:

Successful cases of auditorium chairs, cinema chairs, desk chairs and chairs

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  • 安徽芜湖帕加尼国际影城
  • 云南昆明高新区二中
  • 湖北黄石磁湖梦电影城
  • 湖南吉首悦和影城
  • 珠海南水影院

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